How can I get Rogers into my dispensary?

If you own or manage a dispensary in California send an email to or call us direct at (424) - 444 6808 and ask for our wholesale specialist.

How can smokers get a pack of Rogers?

Currently Rogers can only be obtained through our verified delivery service or inside our network of medical marijuana dispensaries within the state of California. 

Isn't pot legal in California now?

Rogers are available in California for any persons age 21 and over..

What's inside a pack of Rogers?

Each pack of Rogers contains 5 king sized pre-rolled joints of cannabis. 

Each pack of Rogers contains roughly 6 grams of top quality cannabis. 

Are the joints really gold?

Every 25th pack of Rogers Originals contains a gold wrapped joint. So, if you are lucky you will find one. The Rogers Elite packs are all gold wrapped. The gold joint papers are a product of Shine Papers